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SonicWall Capture Client

What is Capture Client?

Capture Client is a lightweight security application that is installed on desktop and laptop computers and network servers.

Capture Client combines multiple protection capabilities in one solution: SentinelOne Next-Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV ) and SonicWall Capture ATP Sandboxing.

1. SentinelOne's protection engine uses advanced techniques like machine learning, behavioral Artificial Intelligence, and system rollback.

2. SonicWall’s Capture ATP Sandbox analyzes files in memory as well as their behavior when executed.

Diagram-Rollback-KJ-MKTG2456 (1).jpg

Watch how Capture client handles cutting edge FilelessPersistent Malware

Key Features

DPI-SSL Certificate Deployment • Facilitate the inspection of encrypted traffic (DPI-SSL) by installing + managing trusted SSL/TLS certificates
Firewall Enforcement • Mandate security for endpoints on the network that request internet access
Zero-Day Malware Protection • Blocks never-been-seen-before malware like ransomware by continuously monitoring system behavior
Protection Anywhere • Capture Client software secures your endpoints no matter where they are, in the office or on the road
Application Whitelisting / Blacklisting • Quickly and easily white/blacklist known software applications
Capture ATP Integration • Seamless integration with the Capture ATP cloud sandbox inspection, including memory inspection with RTDMI
Rollback • Roll back an infected Windows PC to a previous clean state
Attack Visualization • View threat visualization maps to see where threats came from and where they went
Web Threat Protection • Blocks connection attempts to malicious websites and IP addresses.
Device Control • Allows for the blocking of unknown USB device connections, and for whitelisting by device vendor or type (i.e. printer)

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