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Capture Client VSS Instructions

VSS CMD Output.png

Check if Volume Shadow Copy Service is running and creating backups

You’ll first want to check if Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is running and creating backups.

  1. On the endpoint, start cmd with Run as Administrator.

  2. Run: vssadmin list shadows

  3. In the output, see the shadow copies of the Agent. The Type is: Application Rollback

If you see copies listed when running the above commands, you are all set!

If there are no copies, please verify if Volume Shadow Copy Service has been enabled/running, if not, enable the service. As the shadow copies will not be saved and Rollback will not work if the VSS service is disabled on endpoints, hence make sure VSS service has been enabled and shadow copies are saved periodically. See the Configuring System Protection section below for guidance.


Note: Once you change/enable VSS service to Manual or Automatic, the Agent does not take a snapshot until the endpoint is rebooted.


Configuring System Protection

This step is only required if you did not see any copies available when running the commands above.

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel > System and Security > System

  2. Click on “System protection” from the left hand menu

  3. Ensure that everything listed under “Available Drives” has “Protection” set to On

    1. If protection is off, click Configure and then select “Turn on system protection”

  4. To adjust the max size of space used for backups, click the Configure button and adjust the slider


Note: Shadow copies can take up huge space on your hard drive. This is especially important on virtual systems. We recommend you set the max VSS percent disk utilization to 10%

VSS Control Panel.png

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