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WHAT would happen if your company was infected by ransomware?

Would your employees be dead in the water unable to get any work done?

How much revenue and reputation would you lose from customers going somewhere else?

How long would it take you to recover after all your data was lost or locked and held for ransom?

HOW can you get Total Internet Security?

Most customers think they’re protected from the malicious software on the Internet because they have a firewall.

That is simply not enough…

The Ultimate Series! ​


It is the best way to get Total Internet Security without spending ANY money up front. It’s a subscription service that is billed monthly with No up-front charges or term commitment. You can opt out at any time with 30 days’ notice.

We didn't limit the Ultimate Series to

just firewall protection, because we know

you cannot achieve Total Internet Security

with just a firewall. We have you covered with

the Ultimate Series on ALL threat vectors:

  • Ultimate Firewall Protection

  • Ultimate Email Protection

  • Ultimate Client Protection

  • Ultimate Mobile Access Protection

  • Ultimate Wireless Protection

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Why Western NRG? 

Western NRG has been a Karmak Partner for over 25 years. Our business philosophy has remained the same since day one: With Western NRG, customer service comes first! We believe that every customer deserves TOTAL INTERNET SECURITY. Whether you are a fortune 500 company or a small business, you should have access to an enterprise class security solution at an affordable cost.

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