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How to Avoid the Next Ransomware Outbreak

Advanced Firewall

The ​SonicWall Next-Generation Advanced Firewall allows you to inspect encrypted traffic in real time, scrutinize suspicious files using SonicWall's Capture Labs Cloud Service, all with industry leading performance.


Do you know how much encrypted traffic is going in and out of your network every day?

DPI-SSL enables you to inspect encrypted connections for malicious content.

Capture ATP

SonicWall Capture is a cloud-based Zero-Day threat detection and sandboxing service.

Suspicious files are uploaded to the multi-engine cloud sandbox platform, which includes three sandboxing engines: virtualized sandboxing, full system emulation, and hypervisor-level analysis technology.

Email Security

Not your average spam blocker, SonicWall Email Security uses advanced Reputation, Content, and attachment inspection to make sure that you're protected from the #1 way hackers deliver viruses: Email.

Endpoint Protection

In the multi-layered approach to security, having Endpoint Protection on your organization's desktops, laptops, and devices is crucial. Endpoint protection guards against viruses entering and spreading on the LAN.

Secure Wireless

Setting up and segmenting your wireless networks is a must-do to keep things running smoothly and securely. SonicPoint Wireless Access Points integrate seamlessly with your SonicWall and offer best-in-class security.

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