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The Western NRG Support Difference


Western NRG promises to deliver a supperior support experience. 


We do this by knowing you, your business, and your network!




More Of What Our Customers Have to Say:



"There were absolutely no problems during the cut-over. I've worked with about 4 of your engineers over the past two months and your staff is both very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. And the response time is very fast. I wish I would have subscribed to your professional services many years earlier!"

M.K - Johnson Riddle & Mark

"Your team has gone above and beyond so far, even when an issue turned out to be on the LAN and not related to the SonicWALL. You also worked quickly to help resolve an issue between the SonicWALL and my ISP.

I'm glad to be working with all of you and I feel more secure knowing you all have our backs. Your response time has been fantastic and you are all very knowledgeable about the sonicwall product.

Thank you all for the great service!"

T.L - Victor Printing

"It's not often that customers really do come first, but with Western NRG, I've really felt like they not only do a great job, but they also make the custome feel valued and respect. Western NRG makes it clear that good customer service still exists." 



"I truly appreciated you taking a few extra minutes you took to explain the key settings as well as various tips on how to get the most out of my new unit rather than simply going through the motions and so you could quickly move on. Thank you again for truly "exceeding my customer expectations!' "​​

E.G - Financial Life Planning, LLC

"It is not very often that I get service from a company, that makes me want to take the time out of my schedule to write and tell them thank you.  It was a wonderful experience working with NRG. Your staff and support is excellent, keep up the good work. Thanks a bunch."           Y.J - Aeon Technologies

"Let me start off by saying that Western NRG has by far exceeded all of my expectations.  


We have no issues thanks to Nathan who is simply outstanding in every way possible; and as well as every other network engineer and staff person I have ever spoken with or worked with at NRG. Having thirty years of experience in the I.T. industry,

I can truly say that Western NRG is by far one of our best business partners. Keep up the great work!"

J.C - Loewinsohn Flegle Deary, L.L.P.

"Whoever is running the tech support show at NRG deservers praise!  I have called in a few times for support, and all the techies are just great! They know what to do, and they're very atient in understanding and helping my needs. "

J.S - Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

"Fantastic, Super, Professional!! Are what comes to mind when dealing with your team! What a great team you have assembled at Western NRG. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to talk with your team, and be treated as well as I am. I can see why your company is so successful. Allow me to mention a few names for special kudos: Ole Hartmann, Clint Coxwell, Robert Fenlon. The people above are just a pleasure to work with. Please understand, these people get it when it comes to customer service, and professionalism. And they know the product well. Tim, keep up the great team building, and thanks for a great company. I only dream about working at such a great company" 

J.P - Young Truck Sales Inc.

"Folks, I have been around IT folks since the early 70s and I wanted to thank you for your great customer service. Andrea was very patient with me and Ole was very helpful this morning. It has been a pleasure working with these two folks and I look forward to doing business with you guys for a long time."​

​P.B - CyberEvidence, Inc.


"Hi Robert, thank you everything is working great! You're the greatest! Thank you"

​L.S - United Catholics FCU

​"Ole, just wanted to thank you for the great work today in getting the site to site VPN working. It truly was as painless and stress free as it could be. Thank you again for all the information provided to me and the great job in configuring the firewall accurately."

D.U - Altres


"I hope I don't speak too soon about the lack of problems I've had for the past week. But I wanted to be sure to say a huge thank you to all of you who have worked with me over the past couple of months on these issues. Every one of you gave me the best customer service experience I could image under the circumstances. You all obviously care about your clients, and it shows. I hope you all have a happy, healthy, prosperous 2012. I look forward to knowing you are all there if I have anymore technical difficulties. Again, thank you so much!"​

​T.C - Tim's Truck & Equipment Service

"Andrea, Your customer service is exactly why Western NRG is a partner I trust referring my clients to! That, and the fact that you're awesome." 

​D.P - One in Long Beach

"Just sending big thank you to let you know we think you have a fabulous team over there at NRG. Harmony, Nikki, Tim and Clint have all done a great job, no wonder it is always a great day at NRG. Special Thanks to Clint who is a super talented engineer and demonstrated strong mastery of the SonicWALL appliance, you are very lucky to have him. We are happy to have come across your team. We look  forward to working with you in the future and will certainly recommend you to all those we meet. Thanks Again"​

​P.M - University of Medicine and Health Sciences

"You really do seem like a team...keep it up...its customer service like yours that separates the successful companies, from the rest and will almost guarantee you long term success in an industry that's tough to be in"

​L.M - Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District

"It is such a pleasure working with Juan Martinez - he is very professional, knowledgeable and represents your company very well. He is one of the main reasons we want to start this new relationship with NRG."​​

​W.F - Utility Trailer Sales of So-Cal

"Andrea, I can't thank you enough for everything you do for Karmak throughout the year. We greatly appreciate the time and expense it requires for you to attend our annual conference. I know that it would not be the same without your presence. Our customers spend a lot of time working with you directly and it is a wonderful thing to put a face to a name and actually con​verse in person rather than by e-mail and phone. Have a safe trip home and I look forward to many more years of doing business together."

​S.B - Karmak of Carlinville


"I have dealt with many customer service representatives for various products in my time here at Emissive Energy Corp. and I have never had anyone so patient, knowledgeable, dedicated and pleasant to deal with as Jesus. I wanted to share my experience with you and the rest of the team and personally acknowledge the professionalism and courtesy that Jesus afforded our company..he literally saved our day! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and you have won a customer for life based upon my dealing with Jesus."​


"Jesus, thanks for your help in our upgrade to the NSA 250. The work you and Juan did was invaluable"

​R.M - Gila Health Resources

"NRG Team, I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank all of you for the quick response, turnaround, and support with our firewall issue this Friday and Saturday. We had a very difficult situation and you made this situation short lived. A special thank you to Phil and Clint for being patient and supporting us. I don't have everybody's email so please send this message over to Phil, Tim, and anybody else that was involved. You guys rock!"​

​M.T - CD Group

"Thanks Robert for that update. Appreciate your help the last few days. You guys are the BEST!"

​B.M - The Party Staff​

"Not sure who I should pass it along to, but to this point I have had a fantastic experience with Western NRG."

​C.L - Complete Solar Solution

"I have been so thankful for Jesus' due diligence in checking back with us to help us through this installation. He has gone above and beyond in both patience and kindness to assist us with getting our system up and running. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to share his expertise so that we can maintain our SonicWALL in the future. I know that he went a little further with his assistance than may normally be the case form your company's point of view however from our standpoint, his help was invaluable. As a point of reference, even today, three days after the installation, he was willing to speak with a representative from one of our internet providers and encourage them to allow us to test a different setup so that we can ensure that this will solve some of the problems that we have encountered over the last couple of days. It is difficult in today's market place to find someone who is so helpful. Most just want to pass the buck and he in no way ever did this for our company. Thank you for having such a fine employee. He is a credit to your company."​

​J.H - Ventura Technology Group

"Andrea, thank you for reacting so quickly and working through our SonicWALL issue - your customer service, patience and thoroughness was awesome!"

​K.B - Pan America Berry Growers


"Tim, I want to compliment you on  your OUTSTANDING team. Andrea & Vanna were able to get the schedule rearranged and get the equipment shipped to Cadillac truck this afternoon. Andrea did not receive the email of IP info until 3:45 your time. Clint was able to drop everything to configure the equipment and get it out the door today for installation. Sara with Cadillac Truck is totally blown away with this level of service. They burned to the ground on Monday night. Shipped a backup tape they had off sight to me on Tuesday. The will be up and running for business tomorrow, only losing Mondays business.

​R.B - Karmak of Carlinville

​"We were in CRISIS mode on Friday, and the Dell/SonicWALL/Western NRG teams were fantastic. We received the new TZ215 Monday afternoon, I installed it first thing Tuesday morning, and did not have to touch a thing; it just worked! In our situation, we do not have a dedicated IT personnel, so it was great the way you guys responded both initially, and to my password issue today. Thanks, and Great Job!"

"Got calls from both Robert and Phil today, you have all been excellent! Everything is running perfectly at this point. Thanks again, very much, for all your help."

​J.P - Capacitec, Inc.

"Robert, your support on this call is outstanding. Not only should you be collecting your wage from NRG but you should be awarded the CenturyLink tech's wage as well. It's clear that you have superior knowledge and experience. You are the best - thank you so much for all your help! With ​​​all seriousness, please provide me your boss's email address and I would like to commend to him your most excellent and friendly service."

K.K - Midwest Diesel

​"As always, you're an amazing resource to have at my finger tips. Thanks for always being so helpful and attentive to my problems that come up. You're the best!"

J.V - Dell SonicWALL

​"I just want to kiss and hug Tim, he is the most amazing teacher, and I appreciate him so much. Thank you thank you!!"

​H.K - SonicWALL

​"Andrea, We’re very happy with the results of the IP changeover that was completed and the successful VoIP configuration on the sonicwall. Juan put a considerable effort in to try to make the NFL sonicwall perform as well as the Jax sonicwall but in the end w/ Robert fine tuning and putting the sip server internal on the LAN it works very well. Great job on the emergency cutover as well – we hope to have circuits installed at the other branches and add this feature."

B.A - Tom Nehl Truck Co.


"Thank you so much for the help. I always receive excellent support from NRG. Please share the word!"

S.Y. - Capuano Care


"I wanted to take a moment to express how delighted I am with the support provided. His product knowledge appears encyclopedic in scope and his customer skills are likewise exceptional. I have worked within IT my entire career and have experienced the complete spectrum of customer service. Jesus' services are uncommon and worth of praise.

Someone in your organization needs to send him an "Atta-boy" Thanks.

P.T - Global IT Infrastructure Deployment


"Mr. Hartmann, I would like to commend your company for it's prompt service. I would also tell you that Mr. Coronado is an asset to this company. He was very professional, thorough, and most of all, really seemed to care about getting us up and running. Being in business myself, sometimes it is hard to find people with those attributes. You have an A+ employee in Mr. Coronado!"

F.V - Frankie V's Pizzeria & Sports Bar


"Everyone at your company has been a real pleasure to work with. I can't thank you all enough!"

J.C - Loewinsohn Flegle Deary, L.L.P.


"Just wanted to let you know that your team is awesome! They return calls quickly and give me updates all the time... this appreciation includes the guys taking care of our day-to-day problems to Jack helping with wireless upgrades. This is why I will never consider anyone else to take care of Roberts Truck Center"

M.N - Roberts Truck Center


"Thank you, again we all looked great today.  It is so nice working with a great support company, not just a sales company."

L.H - Hanger & Associates


"Clint, thank you for your time this morning. The excellent technical staff such as yourself is the reason that I have chosen Western NRG as my preferred vendor and will continue to do so"

J.P - Allegiance Home Health


"Once again you have exceeded all expectations"

G.B - Plaza Fleet Parts


"Thank you Robert! Service was excellent!"

C.B - Jean Andre


"I am most pleased with Clint and the installation process we went through. He had the SonicWALL already configured and it worked fine when plugging it in.  I did have several questions on the NSA 250 and Clint answered all of them superbly.  I really appreciate his efforts as the only time I have configured a SonicWALL was the 2040 that I installed in late 2008."
J.W - Empire Steel


"I have been impressed with Jesus since day 1."



"You rock over there. Thanks a ton!"
B. H - Karmak


"I don't know if you watch much basketball, but the Center position (Western NRG) is kind of the backbone of the team's defense, while the forwards and guards (me) are kind of like the first line of defense. So when the opposing team runs up the floor, they generally have to make their way past the guards on the perimeter first before they can get to the basket. So in the mind of a guard, they know they have to do their best at the point of attack to keep the offense from getting past them, but in the back of their mind..they know they have that security blanket with a good defensive center behind them just in case they get burned. That's what you guys are that dominant defensive center that makes up for a guard or forward getting burned and assures a solid defensive stance. I rely on you and your team a lot and you ALWAYS pull through for me and protect that basket! Thanks

D.P - Karmak


"Tonight I worked with Robert on a couple issues and his customer service was FANTASTIC! I just wanted to pass along that both Robert and Phil are outstanding representatives of your organization :)"



"Again, you have a wonderful team there. Bringing you guys on was the best single decision I've made in my career, and I mean that.  Thanks to everyone."

D.M - Innovative Risk Management


"I was assisted by Chris Bosman and Robert Fenlon with an issue regarding Windows Update not working.  Both guys were extremely personable, prompt and really knew what they were doing.  Kudos!"

K.H - Write Brothers, Inc.


"I worked with both Clint and Jesus. They were both great and understood that I do not have technical knowledge for this. They were very patient. High recommendation for both of them."

M.S - Selleh Financial Services, Inc


"Thanks for the opportunity to give you some feedback. I believe the project went very well. The service provided was as expected and I belive a ton of time was saved by using your services and the expertise of your technician. I would like to also express my thanks for what I belive was above and beyond services from Jesse. I would ask that he be the tech I work with for future projects. Jesse was not only professional and throrough but also took the time to educate me and keep me a part of the process. I appreciate the help and look forward to working with you guys in the future."

J.S - Gold Cross Ambulance


"Everything so far has been good, as it relates to Alex Ma, he is a pleasure to work with. He knows his product well and very confident on fixing any outstanding issues."

M.D - Fibre-Craft, LLC


"Tim, I just wanted to reach out and thank you and Jesus for doing such a great job for SQN!  You went in nearly blind and fixed it in 2-3 hours. Well done guys!"

K.M - Swift Chip


"This is a deal that we could NOT win without bringing in NRG. Their unique capability to understand the customer eneds, professional service and monitoring post installation.  It is so EXCITING to have a partner like NRG and the strength and expertise with SonicWALL. I am looking forward to work with Tim and his team to close this deal and many others!"

K.C - Dell


"You're a rock star...this thing looks like it will be here on Friday. Nice work"

Bryan Jones


"Just wanted again to say thanks. Alex among people like are Robert are the reasons we want to keep using your service. Thanks again!"

N.B - AMoon Jump 4U


"Jennifer, just wanted to say thank you for GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE & SUPPOT! I have been working with computers since 1979 and a computer business owner for 17 years. I've seen lots of ups/downs/technology advances etc... The one thing I've always believed to be a constant is quality customer service. In this "don't fix it, sell them a new one" era, your company has held true to customer service. Alex was knowledgable, patient and polite in resolving the issue we were having at Public Water Supply District #3. You were organized, responsive and polite as well. Please share this with Alex and your supervisors. You, both, are a valueable asset to your company."

D.H - Branson Computer


"Good morning, Just wanted to drop a word of praise for your customer support team. I have had phenomenal service from Ole and Robert recently. I think I might have spoken to Chris on the phone recently as well, and received exceptional treatment. You must be very proud of your team. Thank you!"

T.C - Tim's Truck & Equipment Service


"Thank you for all of your help. The service we received from you and your team has been outstanding!"

J.M - Auto Club FCU


"I wanted to say a word of praise to the NRG Team. Robert has been helping me with our VPN challenges. I am very satisfied with his level of service. We have had some unique situaitons with our POS software and Robert has come up with some creative solutions. I am happy to receive service where someone is willing to explore these options for us. Thanks so much for being awesome."

B.J - Ivey Lumber


"I do like our new SonicWALLs but, as expected, some growing pains are associated but nothing catastrophic. I have had a couple of questions/issues but those were resolved quickly and professionally by your staff and we love working with Western NRG. As for Clint, he is by far the best I have worked with to date, not only on the technical side but customer service and an overall great guy to talk to. He has been involved with conference calls and adjustments with some of our other providers as well and they enjoy working with him as well, some were not happy we chose SonicWALL because Dell Support and once they worked with Clint they changed their opinion. To be honest, Clint is the primary reason we came to you for this equipment and his knowledge and support have been invaluable in this project.  Thank you and thank you to Western NRG."

E.P - The Heritage Company


"Chris Bosman was good. Western NRG has given great support! In this world, this is unique. There must be something wrong...I even liked Nikki - I think that was her name - she was great."

G.H - Harddog Requisites


"Robert thanks very much for all your help yesterday. Everything is working weel so far and I will check out the remaining stuff over the next few days.  I have to say it was great working with you; I learned a lot and the speed and efficiency you displayed was amazing."

K.B - MLD Pathology


"I just wanted to write and say how well Robert Fenlon did. His experience, business manner is above reproach.  Please let him know how satisfied we were with his service. His consulting and interactions with us were fantastic and it is very obvious to me personally how experienced and well versed he is with sonic technologies.  And as I told him last night, his response and follow-up are some of the many reasons that we will be re-newing our contract this year.  Professional service beyond measure. Thank you again!"

N.B - A Moon Jump 4u


"Everything seems to be running well, thank you. Alex was a great healp, very professional and frinedly. Showed patience and a confident manner. He called right on time and as scheduled. A pleasure dealing with. Thanks again Phil for checking in with me."

Ron Martin


"Thank you for the follow-up. Everything seems to be working smoothly...I have only good things to say about Robert Fenlon. Walking people through technical set-ups remotely is never easy. Robert was calm, had a esay sense of humor and was constructively helpful. He addressed all of my questions and responded to any concerns I addressed regarding the firewall settings. He's a pro. Thanks again for touching base.

F.H - WhyDesignWorks


"I Love you guys. Best company I ever worked with. You Rock!"

D.T - Executive Level Solutions


"Good Morning Nathan - I want to commend you for your efforts on our La Habra Fail over testing on Friday. Your efforts on this project helped in the success of the test. Your excellent IT skills, attention to detail and relentless determination to help us was not only noticed but greatly appreciated. We are proud to have Western NRG as part of our Firewall Urgent Care and look forward to working with you and the NRG Team."

L.G - Shepard Brothers


"Really wanted to say thanks to Juan and the WNRG support team for such a wonderful job on this one!!! Thank You!"

D.M - Summit Holdings


"Jason has helped me all day today get MEM dealership up and running. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the hard work and positive attitude. Thanks Guys!!"

J.B - Summit Truck Group


"Thank you! I already verified extension of the licenses yesterday. Your service is prompt, friendly and something that I will certaiinly be usin going forward."

D.L - NetFusion


"Thank you for asking for feedback... I had a very pleasant experience with Jason and could not have asked for a smoother install. I've gone through other installs which were very difficult with numerous issues. This install was smooth from the first day with one minor issue concerning e-mail which was cleared up in minutes after I reported it. I did not discover it until the next morning and I left a voicemail on your 24 hour tech line. I would say a return call occurred within 10 minutes and the issue was correctd in another five minutes. Customer Service is fantastic. I am 100% totally pleased customer. "

H.B - Berliner & Finn


"The [Project] experience was flawless in my opinion... I am very please we went this route and am 100% happy with the service."

JK - Gorlitz Sewer & Drain


Profuse thanks to Brittany Slayton for keeping [him] on his toes and for following up so many times. Great Job Brittany!

S.B - R&S Overhead Garage Door Inc.

"The install went great. Alex is wonderful.  He has a great demeanor and is extremely helpful. 

This project saved our company quite a bit of expense in man hours and helped me not to have to do it myself! 

Thanks for mentioning this service.  I will be recommending TeamNRG for our future projects as well as to my colleagues."

M.S - ​Medalist Management LLC

"You guys are a first class act!


I appreciate your call back and the time you spent. Thanks again!"

J.M - The R.J. Noble Company

"Thank you again for the time you spent with me over the weekend -- the support you provided during a stressful situation was above and beyond."

D.H - Dental Facial Imaging


I have to say that the entire NRG team is best support vendor I have ever had in a 20 year IT career. I sleep much better at night knowing that my critical SonicWALL equipment is being taken care of by NRG.
The support team’s depth of knowledge is a force multiplier for my IT Dept, you make us look smarter and more on top of things than anyone knows. Thank you for answering all of my tickets and entertaining my most rookie questions with the utmost professionalism. Thank you!"

C.A - Union Rescue Mission

"The knowledge and professionalism of everyone I dealt with at Western NRG was truly amazing and all of us here at Stone Truck Parts are grateful!"

C.M - Stone Truck Parts

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