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Western NRG Ultimate Series

Ultimate Series delivers a Total Internet Security

solution at a low monthly subscription cost. We

believe every customer should have access to an

enterprise class security solution at an affordable cost.

Ultimate Series includes:

  • Next-Generation Internet Security Appliance

  • Comprehensive Gateway Security Services

  • Advanced Threat Protection File Sandboxing

  • Best Practice Appliance Configuration

  • 24/7 Urgent Care Support

  • GMS Network Reporting

  • Unconditional Device Replacement

Comprehensive Security & Management

Appliance – You receive a custom-scoped SonicWall appliance along with perpetual access to the Advanced Gateway Security Suite which includes Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, Capture Advanced Threat Protection Sandboxing, Application Intelligence, Content Filtering, and Firmware Updates.


Installation - A SonicWall-Certified Security Engineer will work with you to get to know your network and gather the information needed to complete the configuration. The SonicWall will be configured to your unique network requirements while also implementing our internet security Best Practices.


When configuration is complete, we will ship the pre-configured appliance to your location and remotely assist you with the physical installation of the unit. A variety of final live tests will be performed at this time to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Management - Day to day, if you have a question or need assistance, give us a call and you will be assisted by a Level 3 engineer in 60 minutes or less. You will receive a network activity report every week that is automatically delivered to your inbox. And if anything ever goes wrong with your hardware, we will send you a pre-configured replacement appliance shipped Overnight, at no additional charge.



Financially Simple

Ultimate Series requires no money up front, only a monthly subscription amount. This allows you to implement superior internet security without writing a huge check. There is no contract or term commitment either. All we require is a 30 day cancellation notice.


Ultimate Series is an operating expense (OpEx) instead of a capital expenditure (CapEx). This allows you the benefit of expensing the monthly subscription amount as a cost of doing business rather than accounting for, tracking, and depreciating the asset over time.

Standard Manufacturer Support vs. Ultimate Series

Ready to find out more?


Call 805-658-0800 to speak with an internet security professional, or email us at

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