Since day one, our business philosophy has remained the same: With Western NRG, customer service comes first.​

Established in 1989, Western NRG has been providing Wide Area Networking solutions to customers all across North America for more than a quarter-century. Our team provides internal and external customers a level of service and training that have made the company a storybook success.

As the connectivity landscape evolved, network security became more and more critical as part of an organization's network strategy. The Western NRG team grew its expertise from simply connecting networks together, to tightly securing them as well. Today, we serve customers all over North America in a variety of market segments.
SonicWall is Western NRG's exclusive internet security platform. The SonicWall platform delivers the most dynamic approach to securing customer networks in the industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The two things that separate Western NRG from the rest of the market are our team's extremely high level of technical expertise, and our uncompromising passion to deliver a phenomenal customer experience.

Our entire team is SonicWall-trained, and dedicated to configuring and supporting SonicWall security solutions. Our team gets to know you and your network, then layers on extensive technical knowledge  to deliver and support a superior security solution.

Our relationship with our customers starts and ends with exceeding expectations. We strive for every aspect of the relationship to be characterized by quick response, thorough resolution, and total satisfaction. 

We look forward to being of service!
Timothy A. Martinez
Founder & President, Western NRG, Inc.



(805) 658-4880