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SonicWall Content Filtering

What is Content Filtering?

Content Filtering allows you to block content by category.

Content filtering rating categories range from offensive types of content such as "Violence" to sites that may not be offensive but present a concern in terms of productivity or network bandwidth usage, such as "Social Networking" or "Multimedia".

Content Filtering Features

  • SafeSearch Enforcement

    • Enforce SafeSearch for Google and Bing ​​​

  • Embedded URI Filtering

    • Embedded URIs (i.e. Google Translate cannot bypass blocked URLs)

  • Block Page Override

    • Use a Passphrase to override blocked content​

  • Confirm-Only

  • Policy-Level Block Page

    • Personalize block page messaging per policy using CFS Action Objects

  • Wildcard Support

    • URL matching now accepts wildcards (*)

  • Youtube Restricted Mode

    • Enforce Youtube’s Restrict Mode to only display Youtube’s curated videos

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Block Page Override

Block Page Override


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