Content Filtering

What is Content Filtering?

Content Filtering allows you to block content by Category .

Content filtering rating categories range from offensive types of content such as "Violence" to sites that may not be offensive but present a concern in terms of productivity or network bandwidth usage, such as "Social Networking" or "Multimedia".

Content Filtering Features

  • SafeSearch Enforcement

    • Enforce SafeSearch for Google and Bing ​​​

  • Embedded URI Filtering

    • Embedded URIs (i.e. Google Translate cannot bypass blocked URLs)

  • Block Page Override

    • Use a Passphrase to blocked content​

  • Confirm-Only

    • Requires a before allowing access

  • Policy-Level Block Page

    • Personalize block page messaging per policy using CFS Action Objects

  • Wildcard Support

    • URL matching now accepts wildcards (*)

  • Youtube Restricted Mode

    • Enforce Youtube’s Restrict Mode to only display Youtube’s curated videos

Content Filtering Categories

Block Page Override